The If’s of Friday


IF the kids have done about 10-15 minutes of extra math Mon.-Thrus,  IF the notebooking assignments are finished, IF we have made some progress on chores, IF Thursday’s reviews went ok, and a few more IFs, then we have what we call “Free Ed Friday”.  This means that for our 6 hour school day (requirement for homeschools in KY), the kids get to pick whatever they want to learn about.  They pick books they want to read. They come up with their own art or cooking projects.  They watch some educational tv and play educational games on the internet. On Fridays we might get out a board game or two.

Friday is also the day for homeshool creative ministry rehearsals, color guard practice,  and errands.  And sometimes, fast food.  Our support group/co-op meets every 3rd Friday evening for a themed family night get together, so on that Friday we prepare for family night.

While the kids are busy learning whatever by themselves, I get to do my own educational things too. I surf the web looking for new lessons.  I read posts and e-mails I didn’t have time for earlier in the week. I always find something new and wonderful. And sometimes meet someone new and wonderful.   Knowing that our school week can end this way sure does give us the incentive to work hard during the week.  Ask any of us which day of the school week we like best, and we would all answer “Friday”!

My favorite Free Eds from this last Friday included an earthworm collection complete with some new holes dug in the yard, learning Just Dance 4 moves, meeting some new homeschool moms and chatting with others I’ve known for years.  I’m reading Andrew Klavin’s If We Survive, because E17 recommended it .  She knows I love a suspenseful story and this one is.

And I found an amazing link to share with you:

And this one for creative fun: (be sure to check out  St. Patrick and Easter on the “Holiday” tab)

betty jo


3 thoughts on “The If’s of Friday

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Fridays are nice now, but that wasn’t always the case for us. I used to cringe when I would hear other homeschool moms say that they took Fridays off. I’m glad that I kept listening though. Free ed Fridays are working really well for us. Trying to do our usual schoolwork on Fridays and adding the shopping, errands, and extra curricular activities was wearing us thin. This is better.

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