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The Great American Backyard Campout

Great-American-Backyard-CampoutJune 22 is the Great American Backyard Campout!  This event is organized by the National Wildlife Federation.  Thousands of families across America will be camping out and connecting with nature and each other.

I really have no desire what so ever to sleep on the ground.  But, we will set up our tent so Z ,  J, and their friends can play in it.  And if they can talk B into staying out with them, then they can spend the night backyard camping.  However, I am in favor of campfire roasted hot dogs and s’mores and have volunteered to help with the campfire cooking.

As a homeschooling mom, I tend to make every thing a learning opportunity.  I found these links to follow as we learn “camping”.

Tips, songs, recipes, campfire stories, and more at the Great American Backyard Campout site  http://www.nwf.org/Great-American-Backyard-Campout/Get-Ready.aspx

Free camping activity pack from the coolest nature resource website http://www.naturedetectives.org.uk/packs/camping_pack.htm

Last summer, the week before the Great American Backyard Campout, we made this camping lapbook  from http://www.homeschoolshare.com/camping_lapbook.php  It was neat looking back over it.  It is also a great reminder of what Z and J are going to be needing for their backyard campout this year.

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