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Silver Lining

Acts 2:44 says, “All the believers were together. They shared everything they had.”   This is an excellent example for homeschooling support groups and co-ops.  We try to work ours this way. If we have a skill or a talent, we share it to benefit the others.

Check this out…Isn’t this cool?

                                      Silver Lining

This is a picture of “Silver Lining”, a color guard group for homeschooling teen girls, practicing their tosses at the park.   Two of our new members used to do the band and color guard thing back in high school.  Now they are teaching  it to my daughter.

They have plans for performances and to march in parades.  They work their routines to popular Christian music.  See, I told you this was cool.

Here are some photos of the first public appearance of Silver Lining!

942023_385185118264319_1199395902_n     silver lining

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This is Silver Lining performing at our homeschooling support groups Graduation/Achievement night.

grad 16betty jo