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Garfield (the Cat, Not the President)

garfieldAccording to my special days calendar, June 19 is Garfield’s (the cat, not the president) birthday!  We will be having fun learning with our favorite cat as part of our homeschooling summer school subject of the day.

I’ll be combining math, health, science, and life skills as the kids add up the calories contained in our crock pot lasagna kitchen project, and figure how much Wii Just Dance it will take to burn those calories.

We checked these out from the library for hilarious reading.

935928_476118142470043_747576520_nI found these links for the kids to follow for computer lab, art, and fun.

Garfield Online Comics  

educational games  http://www.professorgarfield.org/pgf_home.html

how to draw for younger kids  http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/12843/1/1/how-to-draw-garfield-easy.htm

drawing for older kids  http://www.my-how-to-draw.com/how-to-draw-garfield.html

games for fun http://www.garfield.com/fungames.html

And what would a Garfield themed day be without a nap?  I’m putting that in our day’s plans, too.

betty jo