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Back at the beginning of our summer break a couple of summers ago, J requested that we create a jungle mural on our chalk board wall.  He made sure that it included an elephant.


Elephants happen to be one of our favorite animals and according to Special Days in August , the 12th is “World Elephant Day”!  And, September 22 is “Elephant Appreciation Day”!   I’m glad that we  took some time to study these magnificent creatures.

Below are the resources we used as we learned about elephants.

All about Elephants – African vs. Asian, Elephant Sounds, and Facts  www.elemotion.org/learning-center/

Scientific Research – How Elephants Think  thinkelephants.org/pages/ow-elephants-think.html

Meet the Elephants who live at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee  www.elephants.com/meetElephants.php

Elephant Myths and Folklore  socyberty.com/foldlore/elephant-in-myths-mthology-and-folklore/

Elephant Jokes  www.enchantedlearning.com/joke/animalselephant.shtl

Elephant Themed Language Arts Interactive Games www.learninggamesforkids.com/mammal-games-videos/elephant-games-videos.html

I snagged this Elephants – Speedy Lapbook  a while back as part of a freebie offer.  Currently, it’s not free but on sale for $0.50.  www.currclick.com/product/83435/Elephants–Speedy-Lapbook?term=elephant+speedy

Youtube has a video collection of elephants playing!  www.youtube.com/results?search-query=elephants+playing

Read Rudyard Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child free online  www.gutenberg.org/files/32488-h/32488-h.htm#Page_63

A Song, Agony and Ivory, dedicated to the movement to stop the wholesale slaughter of elephants taking place as a result of the ivory trade.  (the song and website is a project of a homeschooling family!)  www.agonyandivory.com

And for Notebooking, Elephant Bordered Paper  www.teacherfiles.com/resources-bp-animals.htm

May this be a study that, like elephants, we won’t forget!

betty jo