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Sometimes It’s Just Not A Good Day

Don’t you just love a good day?  The sun shines, math lessons get done without any tears, the art projects turn out to be masterpieces, the toilet sparkles with disinfected gleam, the new dinner recipe was delicious, the desk organization is Pinterest worthy, and Mount Laundry is nearly a valley.   Well, for me, that day was not today. Today was one of those days that the sun didn’t shine, there were tears (but at least not over math lessons), nothing in the house could technically be deemed  “organized” or “disinfected”. dinner came from a frozen plastic bag, and I can’t find my desk because Mt. Laundry is blocking my way.

Sometimes it’s just not a good day, However, we have hope that tomorrow will be better, because we’ve experienced better days and know they are possible. We count our blessings and realize things could be worse…a lot worse.

And dear homeschooling momma, at least your day didn’t look like the one from this video. (Warning, watch before your kids do, I think it’s PG).  betty jo