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Year End Celebration

Every May, our homescholling support group celebrates the end of another year of homeschooling.   This celebration includes a graduation ceremony for those leaving kindergarten, eighth grade, and twelfth grade.  This year our group had twelve graduates, two kindergarten, four 8th grade, four high school, and for the first time in our group’s history, a mom and son graduating homeschool college.


There were senior and college graduate speeches. One senior sang and was accompanied by his dad on guitar and younger sister on piano.  Our Creative Ministries troop, SALT, performed during the program.

7856_468306246584566_128793297_n    969074_468305716584619_1940202865_n    305635_468305619917962_776680969_n   grad 13

984178_468305553251302_390946033_n     401829_468305509917973_1456509954_n    grad 12    397373_468305473251310_308247869_n     grad 10    grad 11     480641_468306206584570_479662989_n    grad 8

This family in the next photo is so special.  Our families have known each other for years.  They have been most active and helpful with our groups activities for since they began their homescooling journey.  And we have gotten together many time outside of the support group.  They invite my B15 to go to events with them.  They come to special church events with us.931295_461015720647062_2101380154_n Seven years ago, this boy was in a 5th grade special education class in a public elementary school.  He was taking several behavioral medications.  The school evaluated him at a 1st grade level.  Therapists had told her that he probably would not be able to learn to read, write, perform math, or be a self sufficient adult someday.  She took her son’s education into her own hands.  She took him off the medications.  She taught him to read, write, do math, drive a car, get a job, and manage his own finances!  It’s been a difficult for them to get to this point.  They have not had family support.  The mom is currently battling cancer for the second time.   He takes care of her.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience by the time they finished their presentation.

Families without graduates still participate in the ceremony by presenting their children with awards for something they have achieved during the year.  My husband presented awards to our kids.  He gave our homeschool a history award for our studies of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

970432_468957796519411_2101113680_nZ7 was given the “Independent Study” award.

969_468958056519385_1967017819_nJ10 earned the “All Around Improvement” award.

9975_468957896519401_1165882513_nB15 was awarded for “Scriptural Character Studies and Application”.

933992_468957963186061_389716619_nE17 received an “Honor Roll” award and the “Super Girl” award for academics and extra curricular activities.

934716_468957989852725_1551357725_n 970808_468957843186073_1768837652_n

I wasn’t left out of the awards.  My family gave me one too, “Computer Achievement”.426667_468958089852715_341048365_n

Families also set up display tables featuring awards, photos  and projects from the year.  This was our homeschool’s display.

971711_461016027313698_1140299628_nE17 and I had been on the decorating committee.  We had an expected head count of 120 guests for the reception.  We planned for more, which was a good thing because we had close to 200 guests attend!

983644_461016090647025_1253429068_n  grad 17

Several of our group’s members brought potluck style finger foods and drinks which made for a delicious, four table long buffet.  We had a bakery cake made for dessert.

grad 18  grad 15

Silver Lining, the homeschool color guard, was the entertainment during the reception.

grad 16Graduation/Acheivement Night is always my favorite homeschooling event of the year.  I’m so proud of all the families in our homeschooling support group and love to hear about their accomplishments and see what they’ve been up to throughout the school year.

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Here’s the link to free custom awards printables  http://www.dltk-cards.com/award/

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