Before Columbus Day, there is Leif Erickson Day (Oct. 9)! Here’s a wonderful list of “Viking” resources!

Still Learning Something New

Viking_BoatRecently a friend asked about our Viking studies from last fall.  Here are the links I had saved.  I thought I’d pass the collection on to those of you who might be thinking about a Viking study as well.

Movies to include:  Veggie Tales: Lyle the Kindly Viking, Brave, and How to Train Your Dragon

Interactive History Games

Unit Study and Labook Printables

And another Unit Study and Lapbook Printables

Leif Erickson Biography Resources                                                                            

paper dolls printables  (this site is interesting, it is written in (perhaps?) Scandinavian so I have very little idea what it says, but wonderful art to browse)


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