Tracking Hurricanes

Hurricane Resource List

Hurricane Isabel 2003

NOAA: Main Page – National Hurricane Center also offers Follow That Hurricane PDF History of hurricanes and a tracking map. Tracking Chart for East Pacific region.

Enchanted Learning: Hurricane Tracking and Forecasting – Explains the symbols and other language related to storms.

IntellicastActive Track – Site offers up-to-date tracking maps and bulletins.

Storm Pulse: Track storms in the Atlantic and East Pacific. Check out information about older storms as well.

ScholasticExperiment: How to Use a Hurricane Tracking Map – How to plot a hurricane’s path. Printable maps and links.

TeacherTech: Birth of a MonsterParts of a Hurricane, Stages of a Hurricane, and more.

AZPBSRed Cross Information Booklet – 16 page informative and printable PDF booklet that includes: Facts About Hurricanes, Vocabulary, Atlantic Map, Practice Activity, Wind Scale, Wind Speed Log, and more.

Hurricane Watch: Hurricane Tracking Chart

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