We’re Back At It!

The first Monday is August is always our start date for “Back to School”!   So, this past Monday we dove right into our family’s 22nd year of home educating. This is the beginning of high school for my youngest son! We accumulated 78 hours of summer school, so we’ve got a 13 day head start on the year.

My daughter blessed be (again) with personalized vinyl  for my new binder, coffee cup, and t-shirt! “I homeschool for the money and fame”!In case you want to order personalized gifts, she would love having your business!  Find Em’s Treasures on Facebook                                              https://www.facebook.com/Emstreasureshairbows/


We put some graffiti style school supplies on chalkboard wall for our backdrop for “1st Day” photos.

Ha!  Check out our “school shoes”!

After our traditional “Back to Homeschooling” brunch, we sorted through our new supplies.

Lastly, we had a long talk about what our goals were for the new year and what they do and don’t like about the way we do school, and how we can adapt those ideas into this year’s school work.

Have you started your “school year” yet?  What do you do to make the first day back special?





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