Agriculture, Brains, Wildlife, Pi, Butterflies, Sleep, and St. Patrick

What a Week! So many learning possibilities!

Still Learning Something New

According to Special Days in March, 2018 , the week beginning March 11 is overly full of learning potential!  In fact, this week has so many “daily specials” that it’s proving difficult to narrow our learning topics down.   Regardless of what direction we go with this week’s learning, I have some terrific resources available.

Agriculture-cloudAg Week” begins March 11 with another agriculture learning opportunity, “Ag Day” coming next week on the 20th.

Dozens of Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers –

Kid Zone, Virtual Tours, and Ag Facts for Students –

Brain Awareness WeekBrain Awareness Week” begins March 12th

Learning Resources and Activities –

Shakespeare Week also begins March 12th!  These resources were originally gathered up for his birthday in April but will work for this week too!

wildlifeweek_225.jpg__225x1000_q85And, March 12 is the beginning of “National Wildlife Week”

K-12 Resources for “teaching…

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