Constitution Week Resources

September 17 is the beginning of “Constitution Week” and the beginning of my lesson planning for this coming up week’s studies. Here’s the collection of free Constitution resources and activities.

Still Learning Something New


September 17th, 1787 is the anniversary of the United States Constitution and the start of Constitution Week.  So often we hear or read about “Constitutional Rights” and freedoms being debated, taken away, or altered in various ways.

This week my kids will be reviewing, researching, and notebooking all things constitutional so it will be clear to them just what our constitutional rights are.

Below are some of the resources we will be incorporating into our Constitution Week homeschool studies.

Constitution Day History and Quizzes

US Government Learning Adventures, Glossary, and Games for all ages and levels

Mini posters of how a bill becomes a law, the Bill of Rights, and branches of government (you will need an account to get the downloads, but it isn’t complicated and it’s free)

This  song is from my childhood (from Saturday morning cartoons) and it is how I’ve always remembered the…

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