Teaching Resources for Patriot Day

Teaching the history of 9-11 is the most difficult subject that I’ve ever attempted to teach! Here’s my collection of online learning resources to help with teaching about this horrible and painful day …

Still Learning Something New


I doubt that anyone needs a special day calendar reminder that September 11, 2001 is the anniversary of a major historic event.   As homeschoolers, we learn about important events.  Usually it’s not stressful to teach history, even though some of the world’s past is tragic, we still learn about those times.  But, teaching the history of 9-11 is the most difficult subject that I’ve ever attempted to teach.  It was such a horrible and painful day and that horror and pain is still fresh for so many.

Home educating parents are asking,  ” How much are we supposed to expose our children to about the events and aftermath of this day?”  I’m asking that myself.   Even the minimal historic account is overwhelming.   However,  I don’t think we should just continue with school as usual.

My older kids remember vividly watching the news and seeing the devastation.  They have had…

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