World Sight Day

Here’s some resources for World Sight Day. Oct. 8, 2015

Still Learning Something New

worldsightdayAccording to the special days calendar for October, 2015, the  8th is World Sight DayThis awareness day is sponsored by  WHO (World Health Organization) and was established to draw attention to blindness and vision impairment.  Below is a collection of free resources for teaching about the human eye and blindness.

Printable human eye diagram and eye vocabulary list

Interactive eye dissection

These are articles written for middle and high school levels which discusses how the eye works,  the causes of blindness, and what doctors can do to detect and treat visual problems and

Interactive quiz to test eye knowledge

Vision experiments

Braille alphabet chart

There are many Bible verses relating to the eyes, blindness, and healing of the blind.  However, Isaiah 42:16 is what I have selected for our homeschool Bible discussion, copy work and journaling

I will lead the…

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