Mothers Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day! Even though I miss my mom terribly, I know we’ll be together for Mother’s Day again someday.

Still Learning Something New

mothers day 1I miss my mom every day.  She’s been in heaven for twelve years.  I try not to be sad about her being gone, especially on Mother’s Day.  She would want me to celebrate, not mourn.   I love Mothers Day, the flowers, the special brunch, and cards from my kids, but oh how I wish she could be included more than with just memories.

Sometimes I allow myself to get a bit carried away with my imagination when I’m missing her.  I wonder what awesome things she’s doing up there.  Is she at a Mothers Day brunch in heaven?  I rationalize my wild thoughts, “Since there is a “Wedding Supper of the Lamb, and other mentions of heavenly feasts in the Bible, why not a brunch for mothers?”

I imagine what this brunch looks like.  Flowers of marvelous colors in silver vases.  And crystal bowls filled with fruit.  And bread.  And…

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