It’s another Friday the 13th! Here’s the links to some great resources for learning about Superstitions. This was one of our favorite and most interesting studies from last June’s Friday the 13th.

Still Learning Something New


Summer craziness and busyness started this week.  E is teaching at junior color guard camp.  Z is in VBS, B’s working for camp money, J’s been promised a movie at the theater. And all of us start the local library’s summer reading program which this week includes a water/comedy/magic show.  Not to mention, we still have our tutoring/babysitting job twice a week.  With so much happening with just life, I had thought that we wouldn’t have any “school” this week.   But…

In my homeschooling journal I found a note from back in February that said to check bookmarks for “superstition” for summer school lessons for the week of 6/9 – 6/13.

I’m wowed by the resources and links I had saved up for this week.  Surely we’ll have time to learn about superstitions because this stuff is INTERESTING!  Below are the sites I had bookmarked in case you can…

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