Hot Air Balloons

Even though it’s not our summer school lesson today, we’ll be getting out the old lapbook anyway. I remember hot air balloons being a great study. I checked the following resource links and all seem to be working.

Still Learning Something New

balloon1June 5 is the anniversary of the first hot air balloon flight (1783).  Last year as part of summer school calendar studies Z,  J, and I decided to learn everything we could about hot air balloons.

We made this lapbook  from  and added a few of our own ideas.

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Our library had a few children’s books about hot air balloons.  These two were our favorites.


Here is a link to a cute craft idea we tried, of course we had to use batman action figures in the basket instead of the child picture

We thought this video from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was fascinating!

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