World Turtle Day

May 23rd is “World Turtle Day”. The following is last year’s post. I checked the links and all of them are still active. It was a great study.

Still Learning Something New


According to my special days calendar, May 23 is World Turtle Day!  I have found some great free resource links to follow as we learn about turtles in our homeschool with a one day only mini unit study.

Lapbook from here

Much about turtles, conservation, rescue, and more here

More cool turtle stuff  here

Something challenging for an art project here

Turtle jokes for Z from here!-6460.html

“What kind of jokes do turtles tell? SHELL-arious ones!”

And finally a notebooking page for a journal entry about turtles from here

It looks like we’ve got science, language arts, computer lab, art, and fun covered for our homeschool summer school today!

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