Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness WeekIt’s  Brain Awareness Week!  This week is dedicated to brain research.  Our homeschooling science lessons will also be dedicated to brain research.  Below are some of the links we’ll be following during the week.

What our Brains Do Information and Diagrams

Brain Anatomy Vocabulary/Glossary

Label Diagram Printables

Best Brain Foods

Brain Training Interactives

Brain Hat Printable to Cut and Assemble  PDF

Compare and Contrast Mammal Brains

Brain Experiments and Activities

Video of a Human Brain Dissection (not for the squeamish)

Bible verses about the mind

I’m feeling smarter already!

betty jo


6 thoughts on “Brain Awareness Week

  1. Deidre

    I was reticent to introduce anatomy to my little ones, not knowing what or how they would feel about seeing the inside of the human body. But since I know most of the things we fear are either conditioning or ignorance I jumped right in for Valentines and showed them a human heart. My 2 and 4 year old little girls thought it was the coolest thing and then asked to see what tummy’s look like on the inside. Brains are next, oh dear. Thank you for all the resources.They will be very handy.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      That’s been true for me as well. Last spring I put off a study of the bubonic plague because I thought it would be too hard for the kids. It ended up being one of the best studies ever!

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