Fun (But Still Educational) Resources


It has been a marvelous Christmas break, however it’s time to get started on the second half of our homeschooling year.  Over the holidays, I happened to run across some interesting sites for us to take a closer look at once we settled back into our daily learning routine.  Below are the best of those “new to me” online resources that we’ll be giving a try this first week back to full time homeschooling.  I think we are headed for a fun start to 2014 learning!

These first couple of weeks we won’t be having specific science lessons, but I know my kids, and science is their favorite, so I should add a little science into our plans.  These two sites look like great fun!  Interactive, kid friendly chemistry site!  and  Physics interactive games

My younger boys are getting to the age where they like to learn on their own and research topics of interest like the “big kids” do.  However, regular search engines aren’t set up to be child appropriate.  This link is for a research site which is designed for children up to about the 6th grade level.  I’m impressed with all the short and easy to understand articles and activities

After all the craft projects we worked on during the holidays, our supplies are running low.  Instead of restocking from the art supply store, I thought we should give making our own supplies a try.   There are several DIY paint recipes here to get us started  And creative  playdough recipes   And homemade glue

Most of the online learning sites I find are geared for lower grades, so I was excited to find this site which offers higher math videos and games.  I think it will be a nice change up from worksheets for some extra math practice for my teens

I’m aware that sometimes lessons can be boring.  Grammar falls into that category fairly often.  If the kids don’t find a topic fun or interesting, they do not retain the information for long.  This collection of grammar videos is not just fun, they’re funny, and these short lessons will be worth remembering

Our history studies are based on early American history this year.  This site has some improv/ drama based games to play to add some entertainment to our history lessons

There’s tremendous learning potential from the listing of special days in January!  In fact, our planner/calendar is starting to fill up.

I’m hoping that teaching and learning can be as much fun as possible this new year for all of us!  Happy 2nd semester!

betty jo




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