Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/23

This was our third week of the new school year.   E17 had her 12th Day of the 12th Grade photo taken for our yearbook.

1146523_503579246390599_1268898172_nNow that the kids photos in front of the chalkboard wall are finished, we’ve been able to start on the next mural.  We’ve got a lot left to do on it, but so far we’re liking it.

537858_505167939565063_278430117_nJ10 and Z8 have been working on their pirate lapbook.  I like to put the booklets on the bulletin board as we make them.  Later, they will be transferred to a file folder.1231251_504273662987824_1453824905_nE17 and B15 have been researching pirate facts and superstitions for their notebooking assignments.  Some of the things they are learning are pretty strange.  For example, when a pirate said “Shiver me timbers” it was actually a request for another pirate to shave an especially difficult to reach portion of his back ( “shiver” means “shave” and “timbers” means “lower back”).  Now if only the research could help us in answering why would a pirate need his lower back shaved because that was the question we had.


We’ve been reading more pirate themed books.  1009836_504273782987812_83552123_nOur movie of the week was Muppet Treasure Island12693

The movie lead us to our next pirate lesson, music!  We all enjoyed the soundtrack as we listened to identify instruments and applied what we have been learning about music theory .  This was the most popular sing along of the week.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltWirB6jKh0

Next week we’re looking forward to more pirate adventures as we continue with our first unit study of the school year.  And I’m looking forward to finishing the mural and getting the dust mess cleaned up, argh!

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10 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/23

  1. Dawn

    What a fun unit study. I like the idea of taking a picture of the kids on the 12 day of the 12th grade or the 5th day of 5th grade. That is great.
    blessings, Dawn

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      We’ve been combining subjects for years now. Lang. Arts is the easiest to work with. We just notebook and journal everything.
      Thanks for visiting, and come back again!

  2. Sylvia

    Looks like everyone is enjoying their pirate studies! I am once again amazed by your chalk board art! E17 and my Rebekah must be the same age. Thanks for linking up at FF, Betty Jo.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      We have quite a bit left to work on that chalkboard wall. I’ll be glad when it’s done and we get the dust mess swept up completely. Currently, we have chalk footprints all over the kitchen and down the hall.
      I seems that your Rebekah and my Emily would have much in common…homeschool seniors, special needs sibling…

      Thanks again for hostessing Friendship Friday.

  3. Linda

    How fun! My kids will love seeing this post – all those piratey activities. Love your daughter’s 12th day, I’ll be singing about Billy Joe McGuffrey all day long now!
    That mural is going to be amazing! Hope the next 3 weeks go as well as the first 3.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Linda! That Billy Joe McGuffrey song is pretty catchy. The mural is coming along nicely. All that’s left now is the sky.
      Hope you’re having good weeks, too!


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