Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/16

This was our second week back to full time homeschooling since summer vacation.  I feel that we are getting back into the swing of things!

August 12th was both Herbert Hoover’s birthday and the statehood anniversary of Missouri, therefore we have a start to both timeline projects.  And we celebrated with cupcakes.

 1148798_501919983223192_288783709_n 971798_501919959889861_1332137327_n

B 15 had his 10th day of 10th grade.  Hopefully, this upcoming week we can start on the new mural for the chalk board wall.


Our nature observations this week included the new seeds on the big maple tree in the front yard,

1014217_501920073223183_294007491_n 1186185_501920006556523_1979175296_ngrasshoppers in the garden, and the mystery vine blooming and smelling wonderful.

1150917_501920053223185_945489056_n 1186950_501920116556512_264272761_n

I believe that we have adjusted to having character studies, math and language arts lessons daily again.  Our pirate unit study is going well.  The house is even slightly neater, now that we are back to our regular chore system, too.  So all in all, I think we had a pretty good week.

1098022_10201895848257945_1088522380_nHa, no I didn’t.  We went to the park twice.

1185440_537659879638059_1049626060_nWe also attended the Back to School Youth Rally with around 200 teens from our area.

557376_500795956668928_1291233745_nSilver Lining (our homeschool color guard) started practicing again.  They are working on the marching  and show routines for the Labor Day Parade.


My in-laws came for a visit and Z tried to teach his cousin to play chess.  He got pretty good this past school year.564562_501888353226355_1139869197_n

I’m looking forward to the upcoming week as we add more science and more pirate adventures  to our studies.  And I think things will run a bit smoother now that we’re back in the groove of full time homeschooling.

You have a good week, too.


betty jo

For another post about our color guard click here https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/03/16/silver-lining/

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