Our Homeschooling Week Ending August 2

This homeschooling week ends finding this mama tired but happy.  What a week!  I’ve been getting our house and schooling in order so that all will be ready on Monday, our official start back to full time homeschooling.

A week or so ago, I saw an idea for refurbishing a crib into a desk.  I wanted one.  We were able to get an old crib from our church’s supply closet and B15  assembled it just how I had envisioned it.  The desk top is our dry erase board (a leftover piece of white Formica).  Z thinks it’s cool to be allowed to draw on the desk top.  I like the size.  It’s large enough for two with plenty of room for a puzzle or math games.  Placing it in front of the window will be nice as we journal seasonal observations (and spy on the neighbors).

999560_495814647167059_661678687_nI enjoyed the “Back To School” sales this week.  I still have a bit left to get while the prices are low, however our haul is looking rather large and it’s more than what we need to get started including coffee and chocolate for the teacher!

968878_495814623833728_2090607164_nThe bulletin boards have been emptied and are ready for new word walls and timelines.

1098203_495814573833733_1587169747_nOur new calendar and weekly planner are on their boards.

1003198_495814593833731_343636505_n   1005667_495814547167069_979760856_n

Our materials from Nutrients for Life arrived this week.  I told the kids we would be waiting until school started to open it.  I’m hoping it will have useful information and resources to add to our science studies.

998073_495814673833723_564966122_nFree teaching materials can be ordered here http://www.nutrientsforlife.org/teachers/curriculum/toolkit.

We have one major project left to do this weekend.  It’s time to erase our ocean mural.  I feel a little sad about erasing this one.  I think it has been my favorite.  It certainly was the most fun to work on (yet).


I hope you had a good week, too and that the coming week will be even better!

betty jo

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12 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Week Ending August 2

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      We are going to be getting a lot of use out of our new desk. I don’t know what is in that box from Nutrients. I ordered some materials several weeks ago, and truthfully had forgotten about it. Not opening it is about to drive us nuts!

  1. lakenormanprep

    We are gearing up as well. We begin on Monday. The kids are having a blast going through all of the new materials. It is almost as exciting as Christmas holiday. Boxes and goodies! Enjoy your first week back.

  2. djbartch

    Thanks for the link to Nutrients for Life. And I love that desk! If we had room, I would do this! It’s a great way to use those older cribs that can’t be used due to hazards.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      You’re welcome for the link. And we are loving our new desk. It is an older crib that wouldn’t meet today’s safety standards, but works great for our needs.

  3. Melissa newell

    Love the refurbished desk idea! Thanks for the link to Nutrients for Life! Food luck to our new school year! I would be sad about erasing that beautiful mural. But excited to see a new one emerge !

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks for visiting my site, Melissa! You are welcome for the Nutrients link. I’m curious about what’s in that box. Our new series of studies starts with pirates, so I imagine the new mural will be something pirate related. We’ll just have to see what develops.

  4. Linda

    I love this time of year – a new start, a new year, everything all fresh and clean (and a fresh stock of coffee and chocolate for teacher – YES!)
    What a beautiful mural – have you erased it? How difficult that must be. What will replace it?
    I do like your daily post-it note board. Very useful. Have a great start to a new school year 🙂

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thank you for visiting and your opinion agreement about the coffee and chocolate.
      We haven’t erased the mural yet, but it will be gone before schooling starts in the morning. Our first unit study is “Pirates” as we find ourselves last at the end of the middle ages in Europe around 1700. We need a way to get over to America for this years history focus and jumping a pirate ship will start our adventure. So, maybe a pirate ship, maybe a map, or….will be the next mural. Hope you’ll visit again.


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