Preparing the Defense

With so many new homeschooling families seeking advice, I thought reblogging this one would be a good idea.

Still Learning Something New

When we started our homeschooling journey some 16 years ago, it wasn’t as popular of an idea as it is now.  I had some awesome seasoned homeschooling moms prepare me with what to say when, not if, but when, I would face negativity about our family’s choice for education.

“What about socialization?”  “Do you have a teaching certificate?”  “Don’t you want them to go to college?”  “They are going to miss so many opportunities.”  “But your kids will be weird.”  “Is that legal?”  These questions have come from church members, neighbors, public school teachers, strangers, and even family members.  There’s been hard days/weeks/months that I have questioned our homeschooling decision and have had to remind myself why we do this!

I’m glad to have had a “heads up” that these questions would be coming.  And, I am so thankful that I had some ideas about how to handle them.   There’s…

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