One Lovely Blog Award


I am humbled and surprised to have received the One Lovely Blog Award !  Thank you, Pastor Roland from

In order to receive the award I must list seven random facts about myself:

  • My eyes are green
  • My husband and I have been married 22 years
  • I am the president of our local homeschooling support group
  • I cannot carry a tune, not even in a bucket, but love to sing anyway
  • I believe that chocolate should be it’s own food group
  • I think that babies are the best people
  • My favorite books to read are Christian fiction stories

Also, part of getting this award entitles me to nominate someone else to receive the award.  I nominate  My Tropical Home!  You can link to this lovely blog here

betty jo


3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    Sister Betty Jo, you so deserve it and I PRAY that it will bring more people for you to inspire, encourage and lift up so that they might see the Lord lifted up through you!! God bless you Sis, I’ll be back very, very soon for some more reading!

  2. My Tropical Home

    Sorry for the lateness, I thought my reply had gone through. Thanks again for nominating my blog. Have a blessed weekened!


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