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treble clefPsalm 98:4   “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth,  burst into jubilant song with music;”

We are within days of having completed our state’s yearly required 185 days of education.  However, this means very little, because we continue learning throughout the summer months just not all day long every day.  We did not include instruments or composers during  our middle ages unit studies because we had decided to learn more about music during our summer school session and they would fit in nicely there.  But the kids and I were wanting our music studies to cover more than just the middle ages.

For the past few weeks I’ve been collecting “music” resources to use for summer school studies.  We’ll be including composer biographies, theory, appreciation, instrument recognition, reading notes, and different styles of music in our lessons.  It’s shaping up to be a good study, but I was thinking it needed a little something more.  The kids thought Jack Black’s movie, School of Rock, would add some fun and I agreed.  I love that movie.

school of rock

Oh, but I was wanting even more.  A friend of mine recently shared this link on Facebook.  I was WOWED!  This was exactly what our upcoming music studies need.

Watching this made me realize how we can easily incorporate culture, geography, and technology into our summer music studies.

I am anxious  to watch this on a bigger screen and listen on better speakers than my laptop has. But,  I’ll wait until our summer school begins and view them with my kids.

For the complete playlist of Playing For Change music videos

I’ll be blogging more about our music studies and sharing links as I get it somewhat organized.

betty jo

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4 thoughts on “Homeschool of Rock

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      I am always surprising myself with what we consider “school”. But learning has got to be fun (sometimes) otherwise they would not love it.

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