22 Years


It was a Monday, my regular day off from work.  The forecast had called for a 100% chance of rain, so there would be no construction work for him either.  I slipped into my new, blue camisole , then my Easter dress.  I put in my best friends antique earrings. I added some extra makeup to conceal my “morning sickness green” complexion.  I looked down at my left hand and saw the engagement ring that had only been on my finger for two days.  A couple  of our friends were to meet us at the court house.  We were getting married.

Or technically , we were eloping.  Neither of us had told our parents about the pregnancy or our recent plans to wed.  It’s not like we were teenagers,  we were in our middle 20’s.  We were trying to act responsibly (for a change).

That was the start of my new life.  Everything prior to that moment was suddenly my past life.  Some days I can hardly believe that this journey with him has already been 22 years.  Other days I can hardly believe that this journey has only been 22 years because it feels like we have been together forever.

So much has changed since that day 22 years ago.  We have grown up.  We have rediscovered the GOD who made something good out of us, and gave us our heart’s desires.  Our love has grown over the years as has our family.  We are blessed.

betty jo


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