The Pen of POWER

red pen

One of the most often used tools as a homeschooling mom is my red gel pen.  It is known around here as “The Pen of POWER” (that needs to be said with a fading echo on the word “power”).  With my trusted red gel pen I “X” out wrong math answers and missed spelling words.   With my red ink I circle, underline, and comment all over essays and reports.  I use this pen to record grades on their “PERMANENT RECORD”.

Sometimes I catch a look of dread as I am giving an assignment back to one of the kids as they notice the red all over.  They know they will have corrections to make. They are learning that it is better to do it right the first time.  Sometimes they may think that I’m being too critical with the grading.  But, I “X”, circle, underline and comment because I’m trying to be helpful.  I want to encourage them to try harder… to always do their best.  I want them to learn that when mistakes are made, they should try to fix them.  With my pen of power I help my kids share their ideas in ways that will be correct and easily understood.  It is with this pen that I help them to be the best students they can possibly  be.

In my old KJV, Christ’s spoken words are in red.  These red words correct me when I’m wrong.  These red words help me to learn what is correct and in a way that is easily understood. These red letters encourage me to try harder.  They give me the push I need to be the best I can possibly be. His words are never too critical, but always helpful and always spoken in love.

I want my red letters to be spoken in love whether they say “A+”, or “rewrite”, or “correct for half credit”.  My red gel pen truly does have power.   Spiderman said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”.  With my red gel pen I do have great responsibility…to train up my kids in the way they should go.

betty jo

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13 thoughts on “The Pen of POWER

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  2. apronstringsotherthings

    Thank you for this fresh perspective on the ‘dreaded’ red pen.
    It’s been popular trend to NOT mark up our children’s papers. I have heard of some marking everything that is correct with a green pen.
    Personally? I use a purple pen when I mark my children’s papers, just because I like the color! And it let’s my children know that something needs their attention.
    Thanks for sharing today! Stopping by from the Ultimate Homeschool Blog Hop

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks for visiting my blog today. I like purple, too, but that would never work for correcting my daughter’s work, she writes with purple.

  3. Beyond The Cover

    This was awesome! My mom used to use a red pen, but they all got lost…
    I’ve never thought of the red pen in comparison to the red letters of God’s words! Very insightful. Loving the red pen thing.
    Thanks for linking up with The Ultimate Homeschool Blog Hop!

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