“The people on the bus go bounce, bounce, bounce”

You know the song, The second verse goes,” the people on the bus go bounce, bounce bounce…”  It wasn’t a bus, but our SUV. Last night when we were going to our homeschool groups Family Night, my youngest, (on the blog, kids’ names will be their 1st initial and age), Z7 says, “It’s bouncy back here.”.  Well of course it is, he’s riding in the 3rd row right over the back tires. E17 is riding in the middle with B14 and they think it’s bouncy, too. “Maybe the roads are just worn from weather or something” I’m telling myself, but also had the warning thought, “something’s wrong with the car”.  By the time we said our goodbyes and started the trip back home, we had forgotten about that bouncing, but as we got on the main road we remembered. Not just in the back, or the middle, but upfront. Bouncing isn’t even the right word for it our insides were starting to jiggle around.  There were jokes about fancy hydraulics and “Pimp My Ride” and singing “All my friends drive low riders”. We could laugh some but still knew something was wrong.

Evidently there is an issue with the air compressor shock thingy. Today the rear of the car is practically sitting on the back tires.  THIS IS NOT GOOD. As panic sets in as I realize how busy this week is supposed to be…a cannot miss something. with A21, childrens’ ministry, homeschool bowling, library, creative ministries, color guard, then A22 will have work and A21 has college classes. I’m not one of those “must-stick-to-the-schedule” moms. I learned a long time ago to be flexible about our plans for things get changed, often better things happen.

Better things can happen. That’s how I’m trying to focus my thoughts because thinking about my ride being in the garage for days is making too much anxiety.  I’ll have dates with my husband (kind of) as he takes me to the grocery and errands after his work.  Some housework might even get done (even cleaning off my desk) since we won’t be rushing off anywhere. We will finally get some of those projects in school finished up(castle box). And I will READ! And I will NAP! I’m so blessed with my home, it will be good for me to have full days in it.

Finding a silver lining in a dark cloud, or seeing  a glass half full, or making lemonade…these are pretty hard disciplines for me, but tonight I’m trying.  Today is a “day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it”. And tomorrow I’ll find more silver linings while drinking a half a glass of lemonade and humming that annoying low rider song. betty jo


4 thoughts on ““The people on the bus go bounce, bounce, bounce”

  1. Debbie S.

    Hope the car is an easy fix, B.J….and quick…and inexpensive…Let me know if you guys have somewhere you have to get that I can be of help.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Tisha, my sweet friend. Be careful, learning from me might be risky, I mess up a lot. Thanks for looking at the post, and thanks for your comment. 🙂


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