Learning Resources for Special Days

Recently, I was asked what resources to use for teaching from the Special Days posts. Every month has different topics, but I turn to the same tried and trusted web sites as I collect resources for our Special Days learning.  Below is a list of those I find to be the most helpful when preparing […]

Learning Resources for Special Days in January, 2015

There are many learning opportunities using January’s calendar! Below is a collection of online learning resources for January studies.  A big “Thank You” to all   (social media group members and blogging friends)  who are sharing your resources.  We wouldn’t have a list like this without a lot of help!  This month has grown to […]

Resources for Presidents

The third Monday in February is set apart as Presidents’ Day in honor of the birthdays of our two most famous presidents, Washington and Lincoln.  However, this is just one of several Presidents Days in our homeschool.  As we work our way through American History this school year, we study the presidents as their birthdays […]