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Special Days in October, 2015


Click here for the list of Special Days in October updated for 2018!

9/11 Remembrance

Remembering and Learning Resources for 9-11, updated for 2015.

Still Learning Something New

mr_rogers_helpers_quoteA couple of years ago our Patriot Day studies were geared a little more toward the younger boys than my big kids.  Here’s the link to that study and the resources we used.

And, for this year, I’ve found the following resources to further our studies.

“Teach and Learn” from the 9/11 Memorial Museum

President Bush’s Address to the Nation from 9/11

Photo Gallery and More from the New One World Trade Center

B and I (and which ever big kids happen to be home) will be researching and learning from these more mature sites:

Video Facts and Timeline of 9/11 Attacks

Post 9/11 and Terrorist Attacks Articles

Mathematical Perspective of 9-11 and After

Patriot Day Lesson Plans, Articles, Videos, and Teaching Tips

How to Prepare for a Terrorist Attack and Links to Other More Detailed Preparedness Plans and Facts  from The Dept…

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Resources For Learning About Skyscrapers

“Skyscraper Day” is Sept. 3! Here’s the online resources from our study last year. It was a fun one! We learned a lot, too.

Still Learning Something New

skyscrapersWhen we looked over this week’s special days (, the 3rd caught our attention, “Skyscraper Day”! This is a day to appreciate and admire the world’s tallest skyscrapers. With all the fantastic resources I found, this study will probably hold our interest for more than just a day.  I’m thinking it’s going to be “Skyscraper Rest of the Week or Longer” for us.  Below are the links we’ll be following as we learn about skyscrapers.  This study will cover the subjects of science, math, language arts, history, geography, literature, and art.  Most of the resources will apply to all ages.

Skyscraper Day Information

Fun Facts About Skyscrapers  (there’s related links on the right side of the article)

How Skyscrapers Work Articles with Diagrams

Time-lapse Construction Video

Virtual Field Trip – 360 degree Panoramic View from the Empire State Building

Skyscraper Emergency Engineering Lab Interactives

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