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Take a look at this clever article “Ten Reasons My Kids (Don’t) Like Homeschooling

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Learning Resources for September, 2015


The list for September Resources has been updated for 2017

Here’s a HUGE resource collection to help teach (and learn) throughout the month of September!  I’ll be updating this list with more resources as we go along, so check back.  And, if you have any special day resource favorites, be sure to let me know and I’ll edit them. I appreciate all the help I can get!

BIG List of Special Days in September, 2015 –

Sept. Holidays and Celebrations –

Sept. Prayer Calendar for Children –

Sept. Science Calendar

Sept. Algebra and Geometry Calendars  –

Sept. Daily Lesson Plans, Writing Prompts, and Bulletin Boards

Monthly Authors/Illustrators and Events Almanacs – Librarian Resources K-12 (This is a “new to me” resource and looks wonderful)

Sept. Fact Cards ––Mini-Cards?src=newest

Sept. Themed Elementary Printables and Activities –

Sept. Themed Bible Based Activities –

Sept. Themed Vocabulary Word Lists –

Sept. Themed Arts and Crafts –

Sept. Holiday Themed Crafts –

Sept. Star Gazer’s Guide –

15 Things to do in September –

Sept. Netflix Guide –

Specific September Themed Resources

Apples –  Learning Resources, Recipes, and Activities –

Classical Music –  Try these samples of free SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time) Lessons  –

Disaster Preparedness –

DNA, Genomics, and Stem Cell Education  –  Learn from this Animation Library –

Happy Cat Month –  Domesticated Cats Learning Resources –

Children’s Good Manners –  Articles, Tips, Games, and more from Emily Post –

Food Safety –  Tips, activities, and games for kids –

People Skills –

Save a Tiger –  Facts, photos, sounds –

Sewing –  Easy Sewing Crafts for Kids –

Update Your Resume –   Student Resume Tips and Forms –

Presidents with September Birthdays

September Statehood Anniversaries

  • California – Sept. 9 1850 –

Printables –

Videos and Facts  –

September Daily Specials

Sept. 1 –  Nutrition Week begins –  Lesson Plans, Activities, and Interactive Games –

Sept. 2 – Blueberry Popsicle Day – A short article with the ‘cool’ history of the popsicle invention

Sept 3 –  American Flag 1st Flown in Battle 1777 –   Resources and Activities

Sept. 3 –  Skyscraper Day – Learning Resources –

Sept. 6 –  Pilgrims Set Sail to the New World –  Mayflower Resources –

Sept. 6 –  Iguana Awareness Day –  Huge Lizzard Resource List –

Sept. 7 –  Artist, Grandma Moses born 1860 –  Biography, Printables, and Resources –

Sept. 11 –  9/11 Remembrance Day/Patriot Day –  Learning Resources –

Sept. 12 –  Lascaux Cave Painting Discovery 1940 – Cave Art Project –

Sept 12 – Video Game Day –  Video Games turned into lessons –

Sept 13 –  Chocolate Day –  Learning Resources, Recipes, and Activities –

Sept. 13 –  Author, Roald Dahl born 1916 –  Play Games, Quizzes, and Crafts –

Sept. 13 –  Defy Superstition Day –  Learning Resources (this was one of our more interesting studies)

Sept. 14  – Star Spangled Banner Composed by Francis Scott Key 1814 – Learning Resources and Activities

Sept. 15 –  Dot Day –  Be inspired to create wonderful works of art with The Dot!  Watch this video if you don’t have the book –

Sept. 15 –  Make a Hat Day – These cardboard recycle hats are great!  We made J’s magician’s hat from one of these . –

Sept 16 – Collect Rocks Day –  Rocks and Minerals Learning Resources and Activities –

Sept. 17 –  Constitution Week begins –  Learning Resources –

Sept. 18 –  Roadrunner Cartoon debut 1949 –  Watch a few of these videos –

Sept. 18 – CIA created, 1947 –  K-12 Resources, Games, and Puzzles from the CIA –

Sept. 18 –  US Air Force Founded 1947 – Download this free US Military Mini Helper –

Sept. 19 –  Red Panda Day * –  Download a free activity book and activity packet –

Sept. 19 –  Talk Like a Pirate Day – Pirate Unit Study Resources and Activities (this was one of our all time favorites!) –

Sept. 20 –  Artist Dale Chihuly born 1941 – Glass Sculpture Art Lesson –

Sept. 21 –  International Homeschool Spirit Week begins * –

Monday: Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday: International Day
Wednesday: Wacky Tacky Wednesday
Thursday: Retro Day
Friday: Giving Day

Sept. 21 – Miniature Golf Day – DIY Mini Golf Course (indoors or outdoors)  –

Sept. 22 –  Elephant Appreciation Day –  Resources and Activities –

Sept. 22 –  World Rhino Day –  Lapbooking Printables –

Sept. 23 – Autumnal Equinox – Learning Resources and Activities –

Sept. 23 –  Author William Holmes McGuffey born 1800 –  Free McGuffey Readers –

Sept. 23 – Activist Victoria Woodhull born 1838 – Learning Resources and Activities –

Sept. 24 – Jim Henson born 1936 – Links to videos, creatures, studios, and more –

Sept. 24 –  Punctuation Day –  Interactive game –

Sept. 24 –  Teach Ag Day – Teacher and Parents Resources –

Sept 25 –  Comic Book Day – Learning Resources and Activities –

Sept. 26 – Shamu (the whale) Day – FAQs –

Sept. 27 –  Evangelist / Philanthropist George Mueller born 1805 –  Biography and Printables –

Sept. 27 –  Rosetta Stone Deciphered 1822 –  Fun Facts –

Sept. 28 –  Confucius born 551 BC – Biography, Information, and Resources –

Sept. 29 –  Heart Day – Kid’s Activities –

Sept. 29 – Inventors Day – Inventions, Inventors, and Innovations History  –

Sept 30 –  Hot Mulled Cider Day – Try making your own apple cider with this recipe –

Happy September Learning!

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Aviation Week Learning Resources

It’s Aviation Week! Here’s the online resources we used as we learned about the Wright Brothers and aviation. It was a fun learning experience and we’re looking forward to going back for review (especially the paper airplanes)

Still Learning Something New


According to Special Days inAugust , ( , “Aviation” is one of this month’s themes.  And, this week is “Aviation Week”  The reason behind “Aviation Week” is in celebration of the accomplishments of Orville Wright who was born Aug. 19, 1867.

The following links are to the online resources we used as we took a week to learn about the Wright Brothers and aviation.

A biography of the Wright Brothers along with printables –

Learn about the Wright Brothers. See their house and shop as well as their famous flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. with this old and brief educational movie.

We’ve been watching some of the animated series Adventurers – Masters of Time so we’re excited to see a Wright Brothers episode  If you haven’t seen these before, I recommend you start with the first episode so you’ll understand the theme, then you can skip…

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Annie Oakley


According to Special Days in August (, Annie Oakley was born Aug. 13, 1860.  We had not studied her before, so this day last year, I thought we should add her to our timeline.  As it turned out, our E (homeschool graduate) and a family friend happened to be around the house and decided to join us for our lessons.  You know it’s a great study when the kids who are not required to have “school” join in for the learning!  Below are the online resources we used as we learned, were entertained, and inspired by this bold and fabulous lady!

Bio and printables –

Memorable Quotes –

pilot episode of TV show –

Animated history video – Adventurers – Masters of Time – The Wildest West

And, if you need a target for shooting practice (bb guns, sling shots, archery, and water guns with dyed water for us)

Online Wild West interactive game for kids

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