Mother Teresa


According to Special Days in August (, the 26th is Mother Teresa’s birthday.  This means that she will be our study and timeline addition of the day.  Below are the online resources I found for us as we learn about this wonderful lady and perhaps one of the greatest and most inspiring humanitarians of modern history.

A short biography for kids

Timeline –

Worksheet Printables –

The Life of a Healer a video biography –

A wonderful selection of quotes –

And because Mother Teresa will be such an inspiration to us, we can’t complete the study without trying to feed the poor and hungry. We’ll cover all the rest of our subjects (math, geography, science, art, grammar) through this site today

Just in case you don’t know about about the Free Rice site…
To simply explain, you play educational quiz games (lots of subjects to choose from) and for every correct answer you can collect rice. Real rice that goes to real people! The questions start off easy and get harder and harder. There is an option to join that would keep track of progress and your place in the games so each time you visit you may play from where you last left off. Or you can just play without sign up/sign in. Also, they offer a couple of printables and lesson plans (I liked the creative writing idea).

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Aviation Week Learning Resources


According to Special Days in August , ( , “Aviation” is one of this month’s themes.  And, this week is “Aviation Week”  The reason behind “Aviation Week” is in celebration of the accomplishments of Orville Wright who was born Aug. 19, 1867.

The following links are to the online resources we’ll be using as we learn about aviation throughout the next few days.

A biography of the Wright Brothers along with printables –

Learn about the Wright Brothers. See their house and shop as well as their famous flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. with this old and brief educational movie.

We’ve been watching some of the animated series Adventurers – Masters of Time so we’re excited to see a Wright Brothers episode  If you haven’t seen these before, I recommend you start with the first episode so you’ll understand the theme, then you can skip around to match them with your studies.

Aviation history timeline, projects, and more for kids –

Exhibits from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Airplane parts and functions –

Victory Through Air Power – by Walt Disney – A History of Flight from the Wright Brothers to  WW2 Aerial Defense Campaigns –  (produced in the1940s, this contains some war propaganda that may seem wrong by today’s standards, but adds another historic learning element.)

Step-by-step instructions and videos of varying levels of difficulty for folding paper airplanes  –

A Bible based lesson which uses paper airplanes as a object lesson

Awesome links to aviation themed interactives  and games

Airplane coloring pages and craft projects

Snack and Craft (healthy and fun)

So often I feel that our learning plans for a week are left “up in the air” and we just follow where the week takes us….

However, this time “up in the air” is all planned out!

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Back at the beginning of our summer break, J requested that we create a jungle mural on our chalk board wall.  We’ve been really slow about getting it finished, but at least we have an elephant.


Elephants happen to be one of our favorite animals and according to Special Days in August ,stilllearningsomethingnewcom/2014/07/27/special-days-in-august-2/ , the 12th is “World Elephant Day”!  I’m pretty excited that we are taking some time to study these magnificent creatures.

Below are the resources we’ll be using as we learn about elephants.

All about Elephants – African vs. Asian, Elephant Sounds, and Facts

Scientific Research – How Elephants Think

Meet the Elephants who live at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Elephant Myths and Folklore

Elephant Jokes

Elephant Themed Language Arts Interactive Games

I snagged this Elephants – Speedy Lapbook  a while back as part of a freebie offer.  Currently, it’s not free but on sale for $0.50.–Speedy-Lapbook?term=elephant+speedy

Youtube has a video collection of elephants playing!

Read Rudyard Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child free online

A Song, Agony and Ivory, dedicated to the movement to stop the wholesale slaughter of elephants taking place as a result of the ivory trade.  (the song and website is a project of a homeschooling family!)

And for Notebooking, Elephant Bordered Paper

May this be a study that, like elephants, we won’t forget!

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