Arrrrgh! Pirates!

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Sept. 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate” Day! We did a whole pirate unit study last year and it was great fun! Here’s the resources we used. I checked them all and they are working fine.

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1328026975arvadacenter-pirate-tattoos-big-pngAccording to the special days in September calendar, the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  And on our planner, it’s the last day of our pirate unit study that we have been working on a couple of days a week for the past several weeks.  It’s been a fun and interesting study.  Below are some of the resources we have been using.

For biographies, lore, sea sickness, and more

For learning about how much work it was to sail a full-rigged ship

Since pirates needed sewing skills for sail repairs we have added some sewing instruction to our lessons.

553537_506050852810215_1177626745_nHow to tie knots was also a valuable pirate talent, so we’ve given that a try as well.

Navigation by the night sky was another important sailor skill.  For a slide show of Polaris (the north star)  and brief facts

This PDF is the instructions…

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9/11 Remembrance



Last year our Patriot Day studies were geared a little more toward the younger boys than my big kids.  Here’s the link to that study and the resources we used.

This 9/11 the younger boys can revisit some of last year’s study, and we’ll add these resources.

“Teach and Learn” from the 9/11 Memorial Museum

President Bush’s Address to the Nation from 9/11

Photo Gallery and More from the New One World Trade Center

B and I (and which ever big kids happen to be home) will be researching and learning from these more mature sites:

Video Facts and Timeline of 9/11 Attacks

Post 9/11 and Terrorist Attacks Articles

How to Prepare for a Terrorist Attack and Links to Other More Detailed Preparedness Plans and Facts  from The Dept. Of Homeland Security

Remembering with you all,

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Resources For Learning About Skyscrapers


skyscrapersWhen we looked over this week’s special days (, the 3rd caught our attention, “Skyscraper Day”! This is a day to appreciate and admire the world’s tallest skyscrapers. With all the fantastic resources I found, this study will probably hold our interest for more than just a day.  I’m thinking it’s going to be “Skyscraper Rest of the Week or Longer” for us.  Below are the links we’ll be following as we learn about skyscrapers.  This study will cover the subjects of science, math, language arts, history, geography, literature, and art.  Most of the resources will apply to all ages.

Skyscraper Day Information

Fun Facts About Skyscrapers  (there’s related links on the right side of the article)

How Skyscrapers Work Articles with Diagrams

Time-lapse Construction Video

Virtual Field Trip – 360 degree Panoramic View from the Empire State Building

Skyscraper Emergency Engineering Lab Interactives

Videos, Lesson Plans and Printable Resources, and More

Video Algebra Lesson

Window Cleaning Skyscraper Math (multiplication) Interactive Game

Another math lessons will be skyscraper word problems game.  I’ll make up and write some math problems on cards. The kids will be making some too.   For example, “If the elevator travels 30 seconds between each floor and does not stop until it reaches the 37th floor.  How many minutes will it take to reach the 37th floor from the ground floor?”  We’ll each be able to come up with construction time and cost problems too.  Once there’s a stack of question cards, we’ll take turns drawing and answering.  With each correct answer, the player gets a Lego block.  The player with the highest Lego Tower will be the winner.

Skyscraper Building Activity Challenge

To add a Bible study to our lessons, I entered “skyscrapers” into the search feature at  I was pleasantly surprised to see more than the Tower of Babel to choose from!

The Runaway Skyscraper written by  Murray Leinster, is a  science fiction novelette , originally published in Argosy magazine (a general-interest fiction magazine) in 1919,  now it’s a free read from Project Gutenberg

The Two Skyscrapers Who Decided to Have a Child is one of the short stories of the Rootabaga Stories written in 1922 by  Carl Sandburg and is a free read here

Skyscrapers are tall. “Tall” isn’t a greatest choice of adjectives for describing a skyscraper.  Here’s the link to synonyms and words related to “tall” for a grammar, writing, and vocabulary lesson.

A Word Mining Game  will be another language arts connection.  After we have as many words made as possible from the letters in “SKYSCRAPER”, we’ll categorize them into the relative parts of speech they belong to, noun, verb, adjective, etc.  Then we’ll try to put those words together for silly sentences.

How to Draw a Cityscape

Print, Cut, and Fold Skyscraper Models -

I’ve been on my local library’s web site and reserved a few skyscraper books  to pick up this week and while we’re out, we’ll take a close look at our city’s 2 tallest buildings – 19 stories and 10 stories.

betty jo



Teaching Resources for September


Here’s a BIG list of online resources for teaching and learning with some of September themes and special days.  (Special Days in September, 2014  Some of these are resources from past studies and others are links I have bookmarked to investigate as I make our September learning plans.  There’s wonderful learning opportunities all month long!


Apples – Nutrition, crafts, Johnny Appleseed (his birthday is the 26th), recipes, experiments and general information

Disaster Preparedness -

Happy Cat – Domesticated Cats Resource Page

People Skills -

Update Your Resume – This link belongs to our resources from Career Week,

Special Days:

3- Skyscraper Day

11 – Remembrance Day/Patriot Day

15 – President William B. Taft born 1857

19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day – Last year around this time we were finishing up a unit study on pirates.

17 (?????) – Constitution Week –

22-25  – Homeschool Spirit Week – Always the 4th Week in September.  Join homeschoolers from all over the world, to have a blast celebrating homeschool spirit!

22 – Elephant Appreciation Day

22- Autumn Equinox –

Please leave a comment about what “special” themes and days you’ll be learning about in your homeschooling lessons.  Share links too, if you have them.  And if you have a question, please ask!

Happy September Learning!

betty jo